[NTLK] Einstein on Samsung Note 8.0

Rich Ingersoll rich.ingersoll at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 19:41:40 EST 2013

I just got Einstein up and running on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, and I
have to say it's awesome!  What an amazing job!!   The speed really
impressed me.  Comparing it to my MP2100, it felt as fast, if not faster.
Truly remarkable!

I do have a question though -- can external packages be installed and
activated on Einstein?
I installed what I thought were the required packages for networking,
etc...but they didn't seem to take.  Is this a limitation with the Emulator
that external packages can't be installed/activated.  Just wanted to check
before spending time debugging.  (I'm running the latest build from the
google code site - einstein.05.01.2013.apk
a rom image created by EggFreckler )

Thanks guys,



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