[NTLK] [ATA Support] EPSON CompactFlash cards...not the best things to use

Chris Browder kcfoxie at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 23:50:37 EST 2012

So I got an 8MB Epson CF card with my MP2k.

It's not very fast. Infact an MP3 loaded onto it will skip, where it plays
fine off my existing 4MB Linear flash card.

I'm waiting on the ATA driver to complete a journal recovery (common when
you move a soup from it to another store that's over a few hundred KB in
size)... once it's done I'm likely making a backup of the critical internal
apps to one of my many 2MB cards and moving its apps to the 4MB card I have.

I splurged, Merry Christmas Newton... you have a 24MB Linear Flash card

Oh, hey, it just finished the rebuild...haha.. only took 16 minutes.


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