[NTLK] Newtonian Bliss at the RNC 2012 - Meeting the LG CEOs Newton Clone

William Maloney william.maloney.09 at cnu.edu
Sun Nov 25 23:14:13 EST 2012

This summer, I was a page at the Republican National Convention in Tampa
for 2012. Being the geek I am, Newton came along in tow and was useful when
things died down. All the questions as usual:

"What is that?"
"How old is that thing?"

I'm sure you all have heard these before!

What was really cool was getting to be around all the action at the
convention. We were required to help in the different VIP boxes within the
stadium. On the second night, I met up with several of Google and Apple's
employees present at the convention. I talked with the Google folks about
their strategies and then the Apple guys who turned out to be corporate

What really floored me was meeting the Korean CEO of LG. He was a really
nice man and only about five foot four inches. I excitingly displayed my LG
Dare and he came back with a surprise. Proud to see me using one of his
phones, he whipped out an LG Tablet/Pen Phone called the Optimus VU. At the
time, he said it was due for release in America sometime soon. His version
had Korean lettering on it and he displayed some of the scribbling
features. I was absolutely floored. Could this be Newton's modern
successor??? Granted, it had no handwriting recognition that I saw but my
Dare does so it might be in there. It pains me that I did not show him my
MP2100 while it was charging on the side. Perhaps it seemed out of place
and silly at the time. Newton is just such a frigg'n badass, it might have
scared him. Still, it would have been cool to inspire someone with such an
old device that works so well. Amazing to think that something which came
from one of Apple's most tumultuous eras was really quite kickass  - even
by modern standards.

It's okay though - I still have his card! For all we know, this story may


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