[NTLK] Learning Remote App?

howhardz at vcn.bc.ca howhardz at vcn.bc.ca
Sat Nov 24 20:48:55 EST 2012

greetings chris
  assuming you dont require a learner setup to control multiple devices
out of multiple brand names --- you would like your newton
to point at a single device then you can profitably use Showmate, for
which the sources are out there ... You would plug in (  not really
programming) the button code numbers plus the device code.

  Recently slingbox has come to be the go-to place for acquiring those
numbers for newer electronics .. you would paste what you get from sling
into a freely available JAVA item called remoteMaster.

  A less current second source for the code numbers is mythTV and LIRC and
these are unix oriented.

Best if you tell us what device you wish to control

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