[NTLK] [FS/FT] MP2100 package with many extras

Kevin LaCombe my_newton at wavecable.com
Wed Nov 14 23:15:59 EST 2012

I have a few excess MP2100's and would like to offer a package with basic accessories for sale with possible partial trade for a working eMate battery.

MessagePad 2100 (not upgraded MP2000) - Good working but has some scuff marks on the screen, screen cover, top port door but no back clips.  Will come with some software installed and I will install the 2010 patch if I can get a working connection (see my other post).

MessagePad 2100 (not upgraded MP2000) - Good working but the speaker is intermittent, screen cover, top port door and both back clips.  This is a better unit and most likely just a loose speaker connection if you pop it open.

MessagePad 2100 (not upgraded MP2000) - Case is cracked and has a case of the jaggies in the LL, speaker is  scratchy, no screen cover, top port door and one back clip.  

MessagePad 2100 (not upgraded MP2000) - No motherboard but may have some serviceable parts.  

One original metal stylus

Nice leather slip on case with flip over cover and zipper access to card slots.  Really pretty nice.

One 9W AC adapter

Two dead NiMH batteries (might have some life but didn't try.  Good for recelling.

One AA battery tray

One NIC Dongle

Original eMate replacement pens box with 4 pens.  These work in the MP2100.

One xJack 56k Modem PCMCIA

One 32MB Pretec Flash PCMCIA

One 4MB Flash PCMCIA

One new NuShield screen protector

Your choice of cable (Newton serial to Mac, Newton serial to PC serial, NIC to PC serial)

For all of this I need to get at least $150 plus shipping.  In the US it will be about $15 for Priority Mail.  I don't jack people around on shipping and will work with you to get it as low as possible.  I used to buy and sell a lot of newton stuff on eBay under "MYOLDSTUFFFORSALE" so please check my rating there.  I noticed my name still shows up on the Donations page on Newtontalk as well from many many years ago.  Please send inquires direct to me, not over the list - Thanks.

-Kevin LaCombe

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