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McComb Keith KMcComb at schools.nyc.gov
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The reason I asked about it was because I hooked the cable I have to the
back of the XP box, and suddenly went - now what? But since I hadn't
said that, you had no way of knowing. 

I appreciate both links, and when I have a moment to breathe, I'll try
this out and get back to you here on the group.

I used to know this stuff like the back of my hand, but fell out of it
for a while, until I bought some equipment to get back into things.
(Thanks, Ken!) And lost all the links I used to have on how to do

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Being a complete moron myself, the best way for me to stay out of
trouble would be to steer you toward a set of instructions written by a
non-moron. :-[

Can you please start by taking a look at this page:


...and posting back?  It's Tony Kan's My Apple Newton blog.

Meanwhile, because I do not want to take anything for granted, I will
ask: do you have the requisite serial cable?  If not, can you please
confirm that your PC has a DE-9 style connector on the back:



James Fraser

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