[NTLK] Newton Screen Protector?

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Nov 5 18:57:08 EST 2012

I do politely disagree with some of the recent posts.

If your 130's problem isn't caused by an installed screen protector (which I
assume from the pictures you posted), simply installing a screen protector
wouldn't really fix your problem. A screen with poor responsiveness will not
respond any better if you put a screen protector onto it. Quite the

You could only fix this problem by replacing the touchscreen. This isn't all
that difficult. You'll find detailed instructions in the hardware section of
the site in the signature. I could sell you a brand-new digitizer for less
than ten bucks, which will cost less than a pack of screen protectors and
save you a lot of (probably) wasted time.

This, however, would fix only one of the problems that a 130 will eventually
drive you crazy with. The other problems are described here:


Unless you fix what's described there or have it fixed, your Newton will one
day refuse any cooperation out of the blue. If you don't feel up to doing
this preventive maintenance yourself, I could do it for you. Since I live in
Germany, though, the cost of shipping might be an issue.



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