[NTLK] The iPad2 has feet of clay…uh yeah

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Thu Jan 19 06:34:08 EST 2012

On 18.01.2012, at 23:08, Larry Zasitko wrote:

> Thing that confuses me is that they bought it for christmas and is just being talked about now. If they opened it Christmas the whole process should have started the 25 or 26th.... In the article I read they say they were not believed by the store or Apple at first and only when they went to the consumer show that something was done. I too would have my doubts as would most people..... Not difficult to reseal a box.
> Besides that when I normally buy something I would open it right at the place I bought it. When I bought my iPad2 I opened it right in front of the salesman, did the same thing with my PowerBook and iMac.

When I buy electronics, I always open the box at the cashiers desk, right when I am paying. I have found hard drives in the wrong box (wrong RPM) and other hard-to-prove-later things. Even if a box is sealed, wrapped, and covered in industrial strength nylon, that still doesn't mean that someone hasn't tampered with it (may that be a customer or the shop itself, or an employee, who knows).

 - Matthias

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