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I normally lurk on this forum to trace down tidbits for the newton and
it's been a gold mine. But your post hits home. I worked for Datapoint
from 1981 to 1987 and I used to work on those systems. I also worked on
their hard drives, printers and networking. They had diskless computers
that supported multiple terminals running programs written in Datatalk.
Definitely one of the best companies I've ever worked for. Nice to see
someone else remembering those system.
BTW, I also worked as a bench tech for Radio Shack on their TRS-80's (the
keyboard only version)

On 10/27/11 6:24 AM, "David Neale" <david at davidneale.eu> wrote:

>Ah, but who remembers PL/1?
>I think I wrote three programs in that language before it died a death.
>Before that was RPG and Assembler, and afterwards COBOL, and all sorts of
>weird things, including a sort of Basic for a very early PC-like desktop
>in the mid-1970s (before anyone had heard of PCs, of course)‹see
>Talking about the TI-99/4A takes me back, too. That was the first
>computer I had in the house, in about 1981. I started a Users Group for
>it in Flanders, Belgium. We had well over a hundred members, with monthly
>meetings attended by many of them, quite a few of whom would bring along
>their equipment (and in those days that meant lugging along a television
>set!). All good fun.
>On 27 Oct 2011, at 00:16, Tony Kan wrote:
>> You're welcome.
>> Yeah, programming again takes me back to college days.  This will date
>> I've programmed in Algol W, Fortran, BASIC, and Pascal and a touch of
>> machine language programming on some chip whose name escapes me now.
>> I keep finding ideas on apps I'd like to have on my Newton but then find
>> that its already on UNNA or somewhere else.  Still looking for an
>>excuse to
>> do some Newtonscript programming...
>> Cheers
>> Tony Kan
>> Christchurch
>> New Zealand
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>> I haven't programed since TI994A basic and a little Logo Writer in the
>> '80s, but since my son's preferred language is LISP I just installed
>> on my newt and plan to give it a try.
>> Thank you for the link.
>> If I recall correctly lisp was used in developing newt os.
>> W
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