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Ah, but who remembers PL/1?

I think I wrote three programs in that language before it died a death. Before that was RPG and Assembler, and afterwards COBOL, and all sorts of weird things, including a sort of Basic for a very early PC-like desktop in the mid-1970s (before anyone had heard of PCs, of course)—see http://menelise.blogspot.com/search?q=datapoint

Talking about the TI-99/4A takes me back, too. That was the first computer I had in the house, in about 1981. I started a Users Group for it in Flanders, Belgium. We had well over a hundred members, with monthly meetings attended by many of them, quite a few of whom would bring along their equipment (and in those days that meant lugging along a television set!). All good fun.


On 27 Oct 2011, at 00:16, Tony Kan wrote:

> You're welcome.
> Yeah, programming again takes me back to college days.  This will date me:
> I've programmed in Algol W, Fortran, BASIC, and Pascal and a touch of
> machine language programming on some chip whose name escapes me now.
> I keep finding ideas on apps I'd like to have on my Newton but then find
> that its already on UNNA or somewhere else.  Still looking for an excuse to
> do some Newtonscript programming...
> Cheers
> Tony Kan
> Christchurch
> New Zealand
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> I haven't programed since TI994A basic and a little Logo Writer in the
> '80s, but since my son's preferred language is LISP I just installed
> on my newt and plan to give it a try.
> Thank you for the link.
> If I recall correctly lisp was used in developing newt os.
> W

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