[NTLK] OT - Off topic - Anyone interested in winning?

Steven M. Spiegel appledoctor at cox.net
Tue Oct 18 00:21:43 EDT 2011


Heres what it says(see below in red):


Steven M. Spiegel     State Lic. #E-26047
The Apple Doctor
29 years in Apple & Mac Service and Repairs
in Orange County, CA

On Oct 17, 2011, at 12:03 PM, Frank Gruendel wrote:

> Hi gang,
> I am currently in Spain and have bought a sixpack of yoghurts whose  
> manufacturer seems to be running something that might allow winning  
> stuff. Since I do not speak Spanish, I am not sure. One of the six  
> yoghurts has a number printed at the inside, which the other five do  
> not. It says
> Ahorra y gana con este cadigo

Save and win with this code
> en gananones.es

> Browsing their web site with an Android netbook with a screen  
> resolution of 800x480 is a pain. Apart from that, I haven't a clue  
> where to enter this number sice I do not understand a single word on  
> this site.
> You are very welcome to make use of this number. I'd assume you'd  
> have to live in Spain to claim a price, but I'm not sure. If you win  
> more than a million, please send me a Garmin Dakota 20 :-)

Danone participated in ourpromotions and win!
Remember: You can only use the codes to enter during periods of Danone  
Click on the promotion you want and get special awards designed for you
20011... Slip away.
These promotions are no longer available. But be careful, can return  
at any time!
> Cheers
> Frank
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