[NTLK] iPod Touch

Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Mon Oct 17 21:03:05 EDT 2011

Well, Doc, I should say this: It won't run on a G4 running OS X Tiger.  you'll have to upgrade to Leopard, which the Mini G4 can handle, to get a new-enough version of iTunes to synch your iPod Touch.  That's the only way to synch with a G4.  (Given that Apple is likely to stop updating anything PPC, the Leopard solution may not be worth the time, expense and effort involved.)

"Ok, so it WON'T run with the G4?   And that is the reason my wife and I 
are looking into getting something that will work better with our 
current G4 computers, which are doing what we need fine for the time being.

We were thinking of getting a iPad, but realizing the iPad2 would need a 
newer iTunes, are looking at getting a Kindle or Droid ran tablet instead."
-Doc Clu

I wish you the best - Newton for book-reading is fine within its' limits, but the connectivity and title variety make a second option a very viable option.
-Lloyd Conway
Charlotte, Michigan

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