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~~~ On 2011/10/15 13:09, John Gardner at jgardner100au at yahoo.com.au wrote

> (Didn't Steve say that real computers have keyboards?)

Could it be that Steve sometimes said whatever he needed to say in order to
sound like he had a good reason to dislike something?

What?  Too soon?  

To be more serious, deep down inside I suspect that he knew all along the
direction he wanted to go for Apple's next run at a tablet (after all, we
know Apple was thinking about tablets since 1979 or so), but he didn't want
to give the game away to the opposition.  We also know he didn't like the
Newton and its stylus -- or maybe he didn't like the Newton and therefore
rejected the stylus.  Either way, perhaps the only way he could think of to
distract people from the idea of touch-operation was to make a lot of noise
about wanting a keyboard.

It's only a theory.  But it's an alternative explanation to "Jobs hated the
Newton without compromise, but then did a total U-turn to come up with the
iPhone/iPad" approach.  It fits with his commercial shrewdness and clarity
of vision.  And it makes sense (to me at least) out of the persistence of
tablet computing through most of the history of Apple's existence.

If tablets really were an idea that never went away (which seems closer to
the truth) and given how averse Jobs was to allowing advanced speculation
and gossip to run away unchecked, I could seen him being happy to make M$
and others think that if Apple ever again ventured into the world of
hand-helds, they'd look like Palm Pilots or Blackberries.  By the time
people made sense of Apple's patents on that new-fangled touch technology,
it was too late.  

2 more of my worthless, tiny copper coins in the currency of your choice.


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