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Lord Groundhog LordGroundhog at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 18:54:42 EDT 2011

I have posted this to the MUG I¹m in as well, but as I thought about it I
realized it belonged here too.

> Two interesting tributes I¹ve come across.
> The first is at this page:
> http://jmak.tumblr.com/post/9377189056
> ... a guy named Jonathan Mak created a version of the Apple logo made to
> include Steve Jobs¹ silhouette.  And apparently someone already has nicked
> it and put it on eBay...  And I see on BBC news channel that it¹ll be on the
> front page of tomorrow¹s Times.  I can¹t see if they¹ve attributed it
> properly.  
> The second is a free app created, obviously in some haste, for Android
> phones.  Yes, that says ³Android phones².  It¹s called ³Goodbye, Steve², and
> consists of photos from key phases of his career.  It also includes the
> words Œ³Stay hungry, stay foolish² Steve Jobs, 2005¹.
> Funny old world, eh?

The more I look at the Mak artwork (and I know the copyright is bound to be
contested over this in weeks to come) the more I like it.  If I were an exec
at Apple I¹d be looking to pay a fat royalty for the right to use it for
some kind of tribute product line between now and Christmas.

As for the Android app, it says a lot to me that an Android developer
somewhere has tipped his hat across the e-chasm like that.  Google and Apple
can carry on feuding, but the rest of us are just people, and we can
acknowledge other people without worrying about ³sides².


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