[NTLK] NewTNG 3.0

Michael mlheureux at online.fr
Tue Nov 29 20:01:02 EST 2011

The point of my idea was not a "not-going-to-happen" Newton, but  
rather a project that would be technologically feasible and *could*  
possibly be put together if there were people interested in putting  
together the pieces & spending some time.

Unfortunately, it seems like the interest isn't really there, and I  
don't have the skills to do much of it myself.


PS:  I still hold out hope for an ePub -> NewtBook app... that  
shouldn't be too hard :-)

On 2011-11-29, at 下午12:12, William T wrote:

> I wanted to compile some of the recent ideas for a mythical new  
> Newton device:
> Hardware-
> Not eInk screen due to bad refresh rates
> Built in WiFi and Bluetooth, loose IRDA
> Replace Serial port with microUSB
> Keep AA's for convenience
> Eliminate PC card slots?
> Software-
> Capability to use the modern Webernet
> Colour Display Capability
> Any other ideas for our (not going to happen) Mega-Newton?
> -William
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