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On Nov 20, 2011, at 4:26, "Joel M. Sciamma" <joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk> wrote:

> NiMH is fine if you use the the package named 'Battery type' v1.1 by Logic Tools to adjust the battery life estimates.

Fab. I'll have to look for that one especially. 

> As is well known on this list, my preference is for batteries to be charged outside the Newton where cells are treated properly in a good charger and the Newton charging circuits, which are getting on a bit, don't get stressed. All Newts charge their batteries with the cells in series and this inevitably reduces the life of the cells that much faster.

An interesting datum. Also something that strikes me as oddish engineering, though I suppose they had their reasons. 

> Personally, I use the fabulous Sanyo Eneloop cells, which have a very low rate of self discharge and so are always ready to go even after months on the shelf, and just swap the set over when necessary.

I'll have to look for those. Long shelf life is a plus. 

HP most definitely isn't the same company any more. It seems as though every aspect of its founders' original vision has been forgotten or compromised, and that's actually rather saddening. 

As for the HP calc museum - yeah. Sort of like calculator porn or something. I mean wow. 

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