[NTLK] Delurking and intro

Joel M. Sciamma joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk
Sun Nov 20 06:26:56 EST 2011


> I'd caught a note somewhere about NiCd batteries being preferable to NiMH when they're being charged by the Newton - something to do with the way the original chargers worked - do you know if NiMH is usable just for power, though, using another charger to top them off?

NiMH is fine if you use the the package named 'Battery type' v1.1 by Logic Tools to adjust the battery life estimates.

As is well known on this list, my preference is for batteries to be charged outside the Newton where cells are treated properly in a good charger and the Newton charging circuits, which are getting on a bit, don't get stressed. All Newts charge their batteries with the cells in series and this inevitably reduces the life of the cells that much faster.

Personally, I use the fabulous Sanyo Eneloop cells, which have a very low rate of self discharge and so are always ready to go even after months on the shelf, and just swap the set over when necessary.

If you fit a very compact battery holder in the eMate, you can do the same thing.

>> PS I share your weakness for HP calculators, what lovely things they were. What they are shipping now (other than the 12c) is not really in the same county.
> Mmh. I Got one of the commemorative 15c calcs HP sells in a limited edition. Not the same at all. Picked up a nice 45s a little while ago, though, made within a couple months of when they first went on the market. There's nothing quite like that classic feel, or the build quality, or of course the RPN. If HP could bring that commitment to their TouchPad line, the iPad would have some serious competition.

HP is just not the same company any more. Bill and Dave would not recognise it.

I have the HP-37E, 29C (which is very sweet) and the 41CX.

There is a fabulous emulator for the 41CX on the iPad called i41CX+ by AL Software which is fully programmable and has the printer and, as has been mentioned, the excellent PCalc.

I also have the Museum of HP calculators DVD, which is a mine of useful information.



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