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~~~ On 2011/11/20 11:30, Bob Carls Dudney at kosmicdollop at saber.net wrote

> How about the original model T. It was all about being useful and efficient,
> had a power take-off so it could perform numerous functions like a tractor on
> farms and estates. It wasn't loaded with bloatware destroying gas mileage.
Hmmm.  I like that idea, but having briefly "experienced" the model T many
years ago, I do think the Newton surpasses it.

> It was a tool for the common person, not an over-stuffed Duesenberg nor Rolls
> for the bloated wealthy.
That description is exactly what made me think of the old VWs and especially
my old 1600 Variant.  Even though it already had 140,000 miles on the clock
when I got it, it was reliable and completely compliant to whatever I needed
it to do.  And I got another 100,000+ miles out of it before selling it on
to a friend who needed it more than I did, as I'll explain.

As for its numerous virtues, I once used it to move over a quarter of a ton
of material plus 2 people and our luggage on a 700 mile trip along (and
over) the Appalachians.  With 2 "trunks", front and back, it was a breeze.
At the time I drove over 1,000 miles a week for work as well as pleasure,
and really enjoyed my time in that car.  The friend who needed it was a
drummer who needed something that could take his kit plus suitcase plus a
guitarist, 3 guitars, his suitcase and 2 amps.  I don't even know how many
miles my friend put on it but he had it for 3 more years before he finally
sold it to someone else.

Tell me that doesn't sound like a Newton.  :-D


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(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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