[NTLK] eMate package installation woes

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Wed Nov 9 10:00:54 EST 2011

Hi Becky

Sometimes apps are really just extensions or add-ins to an existing
application.  Once installed you do see an icon of the extension but tapping
it is meant to do nothing as you are meant to launch its functionality from
within the target app, Notes in this case.

I've never used NotesWordCount but it probably installed an extra option in
the "i" button or the routing button (the envelope in the top right hand
corner on the Separator Bar at the top, where the title of the note is.

As far as WB goes, try this:
http://www.4shared.com/folder/izmkzW2f/Word_processing.html  Another WB file
is there all zipped up.  Maybe the one you have is corrupted in some way.

Its not freeware, so you will need to go to standalone.com to pay and get a
registration code.  Its only $10.



Tony Kan

New Zealand

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Good morning everyone,

I first installed the Y2010 patch last night. Successful reboot after that.
And a new sound file. These were the first packages I ever installed on this
little guy.

I tried then to install "NotesWordCount.pkg" into my eMate, which was
successful but when clicked I was told "clicking this does nothing."

I believe it is intended to work with Notes but something isn't obvious to
me and I could find no guide for usage.

Then later I had to soft reset because Notes wouldn't open after I deleted
the Word Count pkg.  Notes was fine after that.

Second Attempt - I downloaded Works Better (WB1_28.pkg), but when I tried to
install the package from my laptop nothing happened, and attempting to
install from the eMate end resulted in an "installing package" dialog box
that still showed no progress after 20 minutes.

I read that WriteStuff may be a better choice for me (all I want is a word
count without exporting Works and getting the count from MS Word), but I
can't find a functioning source for the software.

Any advice from folks with experience would be appreciated!

I'm connecting a MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.5 to an eMate 300 Newton OS
2.1 (73J186) using NCX and a 28X serial to USB adapter.


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