[NTLK] Total idiot was Oh dear?

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Sat Nov 5 10:59:24 EDT 2011


Thank you so much for the advice and comments. I am very sorry to have 
set hares running. I have done the most stupid thing ever.

The long and the short of it is that I picked up my wife's 
non-rechargeable batteries instead of my newton ones and put them in the 
charger. The charger went from green to red as it usually does ti 
indicate full charging (I did notice they felt unusually warm!!). Then I 
put the non-rechargeables back in the Newt thinking they were my usual 
battiers - but they were in fact dead alcholines that I had 
inadvertently attempted top charge. (What a total numpty!!!)

Replacing with the  proper batteries has resulted in my trusty Newt 
performing as normal.

The end of not nigh!!!!!!!!! (I do have to purchase an iphone, ipad or 
i-anything-else - thank the Lord)

Sorry for the drama - I panicked for a moment!!

Tony - I very much doubt your problem is related to such a foolish error 
as this, so good luck in finding out how to resolve your issue.

Thanks again folks.


On 05/11/11 00:40, Clu wrote:
> Wow, sounds like the PCMCIA is drawing too much power or the component
> that controls the power to it is wearing out.
> Now questions I have to this is..
> 1) Does it still not work even when plugged in?
> 2) What type of PCMCIA cards have been tested under these conditions?
> Static Ram and flash cards, ATA cards, and things like modem cards?
> Also try sub types... 2 meg, 4 meg, 8 meg of flash cards etc.
> 3) What OS updates are currently on your Newtons?   Have other revisions
> been tried?
> It

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