[NTLK] Oh dear?

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Fri Nov 4 20:40:18 EDT 2011

Wow, sounds like the PCMCIA is drawing too much power or the component 
that controls the power to it is wearing out.

Now questions I have to this is..

1) Does it still not work even when plugged in?
2) What type of PCMCIA cards have been tested under these conditions?   
Static Ram and flash cards, ATA cards, and things like modem cards?   
Also try sub types... 2 meg, 4 meg, 8 meg of flash cards etc.
3) What OS updates are currently on your Newtons?   Have other revisions 
been tried?

It is possible that a component is wearing out in the Newtons after so 
many years of use, or could a combination of other factors such as 
software in relation to dates since we all know how date sensitive 
Newtons can be.

My Newtons are all 7K miles away, and in truth have been plugged up but 
inactive except for the occasional game of Solo deluxe for several years 
now, so I would not be able to test for this.

Doc Clu

On 11/5/11 12:12 AM, Ed Kummel wrote:
> Mine started doing something similar about a year ago. Some of the built-in apps would no longer work throwing a hardware error. First, Notepad stopped working, then Contacts, Then the calendar function...now it won't stay on for more than 5 minutes. It won't stay on at all if I have any PCMCIA cards plugged in.
> ....Is this the beginning of the end or something fairly easy to resolve.
> [snip]

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