[NTLK] Hardware Requests

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 15:17:26 EST 2011


Personally I would pay for a GPRS PC card that accepts a SIM to provide
me with email on the move. Although there are references to this working
in the List Archives, the drivers on UNNA don't seem to work. For
example myself and Tony Kan have both tried to get a Nokia CardPhone 2
to work using the drivers on UNNA and I also tried in vane to get an
Option Globe Trotter Card to work following the instructions from this
now defunct site. Again using the option drivers on UNNA.


This site used to show actual photographs of this working.

Lastly I have tried the bluetooth connection option and even bought a
second hand phone off eBay which someone on the List Archives had
reported to work. Alas to no avail and my MP2000 turned itself off at
the same point each time.

Personally I would pay for a card, drivers that work and set up
instructions. However I appreciate that for many this would not be an
advantage given modern technology.


On 26/02/11 13:55, Knowledge Navigator wrote:
> We are looking to the list for suggestions on what Newton Users would like to see 
> developed next for the Newton 2000 / 2100 or eMate.

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