[NTLK] Hardware Requests

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Sat Feb 26 08:55:56 EST 2011

Hello List Members,

With the USB-001 shipping early week 9 (February 28th, 2011) and the 
Newton Docking port due out a few months after that.  We are looking to 
the list for suggestions on what Newton Users would like to see 
developed next for the Newton 2000 / 2100 or eMate.

To date NewtonSales.com has manufactured

    * OEM Blue / White Backlights for the Newton 2000 / 2100 / eMate
    * OEM eMate ribbon display cable replacement
    *   Dongle Destroyer Internal Serial Board Newton 2000 / 2100
    * USB-001 Newton 2000 / 2100

Any suggestions of what you would like to see next will be noted.

Please post to the list or email info at newtonsales.com

Knowledge Navigator

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