[NTLK] iNewton Lives!

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Feb 25 12:21:12 EST 2011

On 25.02.2011, at 17:47, Mark Rollins wrote:

> 1) DO NOT ROTATE THE NEWTON SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I thought it would rotate in-App using the "rotate" command in the "Extras" drawer, but instead got a weird-looking distorted screen.
> This NOT fixed by deleting Einstein and reinstalling!!!  ARRRGH!
> Fortunately I found that re-installing the Y10K patch (see #2 below) resets the emulator   *whew*

Yes, we never got around to fixing that. Sorry. Deleting the Flash file will also fix this, but delete everything you did.

> 2) You can install the "Y10k" patch
> http://40hz.org/Pages/Patch%20711000
> Just have Einstein running in the foreground on the iPhone while you open iTunes.
> In iTunes, select iPhone; in the "Apps" tab scroll down until you see the list of Apps that accept files for transfer, choose Einstein then upload the patch. 
> It will upload automatically then Einstein recognizes it's a patch and installs it; after a reboot the iNewton sees the iPhone's date and time

Nice. I never tried but it's great to know that it works.

> 3) sound is a bit weird, some sounds are fine, like the "poit" when you click a button, key clicks are two very discrete sounds, "ka ------- chick" 
> Sometimes when clicking "Continue" to skip entering phone numbers you get "chik-chilk-chik-poit" repeated until you click Continue again
> The "poof" to erase sounds like multiple, muffled gunshots!

Sound are still messed up... .

> 4) Need a stylus but handwriting recognition is great Too bad no copy paste (see #6)

Haha, yes. The pogo stick helps a bit, but not much. 

> 5) Tried to record a voice note "if this works I will poop myself" but alas it did not, so I did not. Did make a small plaintive "beep" on playback though

Glad you did not have to poop yourself. We have no sound input device emulation yet. Volunteers?

> 6) tried to copy past but could not hold finger still enough to activate Newton select "squeek". Tried to paste into a note, asI guessed (incorrectly) that an item you copied on the iPhone would maybe show up in the "pasteboard" (edge of the Newton screen). It did not.

Yes, I just got note of that. It sometimes works, but mostly no. This may be related to the touch interface. A pen can be held in place much better. Maybe we can patch the ROM to allow for more wiggle room?

> Amazing work guys. It was great seeing Royce Walthrop and the others. Today's my birthday, so this was an unexpected "present."
> So what can we do? Install NIE and hook to the iPhone's WiFI? Install eBooks? Play double-retro games?

http works on the OS X emulator. I see no reason why it would not work on iOS. We only have to enable it and find a way to "insert" the network card.

My first priority though is to get Androinstein going ;-). After that, it would be nice to fix the bugs mentioned above.

Thanks for testing. I am glad you are having a nice birthday!

 - Matthias

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