[NTLK] iNewton Lives!

Mark Rollins mark at mrollins.com
Fri Feb 25 11:47:39 EST 2011

Einstein LIVES on iPhone 4 , with caveats. 

Amazing emulation work, I did get it to compile/install/work finally. 
Noted on the developer certs that I believe for a developer person these certificates last "forever"

Several comments and notes, I'll post some photos later to Flickr

1) DO NOT ROTATE THE NEWTON SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought it would rotate in-App using the "rotate" command in the "Extras" drawer, but instead got a weird-looking distorted screen.
This NOT fixed by deleting Einstein and reinstalling!!!  ARRRGH!
Fortunately I found that re-installing the Y10K patch (see #2 below) resets the emulator   *whew*

2) You can install the "Y10k" patch
Just have Einstein running in the foreground on the iPhone while you open iTunes.
In iTunes, select iPhone; in the "Apps" tab scroll down until you see the list of Apps that accept files for transfer, choose Einstein then upload the patch. 
It will upload automatically then Einstein recognizes it's a patch and installs it; after a reboot the iNewton sees the iPhone's date and time

3) sound is a bit weird, some sounds are fine, like the "poit" when you click a button, key clicks are two very discrete sounds, "ka ------- chick" 
Sometimes when clicking "Continue" to skip entering phone numbers you get "chik-chilk-chik-poit" repeated until you click Continue again
The "poof" to erase sounds like multiple, muffled gunshots!

4) Need a stylus but handwriting recognition is great Too bad no copy paste (see #6)

5) Tried to record a voice note "if this works I will poop myself" but alas it did not, so I did not. Did make a small plaintive "beep" on playback though

6) tried to copy past but could not hold finger still enough to activate Newton select "squeek". Tried to paste into a note, asI guessed (incorrectly) that an item you copied on the iPhone would maybe show up in the "pasteboard" (edge of the Newton screen). It did not.

Amazing work guys. It was great seeing Royce Walthrop and the others. Today's my birthday, so this was an unexpected "present."

So what can we do? Install NIE and hook to the iPhone's WiFI? Install eBooks? Play double-retro games?

Mark Rollins

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