[NTLK] NewtonOS ROM Source Code

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Sat Feb 19 00:58:20 EST 2011

On 2011-February-18, at 10:26 PM, Clu wrote:
> After they had scaled back I called about a much more minor problem.   
> They said they would be glad to help... for $15 an hour.

I found a bug in Windows a few years back, I called tech support and they wanted $75 to take a bug report. 

OTOH I had a customer with a Macbook that took it out into the Canadian winter and the screen split. It was a couple of months off warranty, Apple took care of it.

Just recently I lost one of the silicone balls off of my iPod earbuds, the dude with the ironic beard at the Apple store gave me a replacement set and wouldn't take my money.

No complaints here.


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