[NTLK] NewtonOS ROM Source Code

Dennis B. Swaney romad at aol.com
Mon Feb 14 13:43:52 EST 2011

On 14/02/11 08:31PST, Lord Groundhog wrote:
> ~~~ On 2011/02/14 10:53, Tony Kan at tony.kan at clear.net.nz wrote ~~~
>> I suspect that the main obstacle with a roll-you-own-Newt isn't the technical
>> issues but the legal ones.
> I suspect you're right, Tony.
> There's a nagging thought in the back of my mind, at at the risk of showing
> just how naïve I really am, is there absolutely no point in approaching
> Apple and asking them to license the necessary stuff to us, as a good-will
> gesture to people who have remained loyal to this product all this time?

Nah, Apple doesn't give a rat's ass about it's loyal customers.

Dennis B. Swaney

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