[NTLK] NewtonOS ROM Source Code

David Schultz dschultzjr at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 12:27:10 EST 2011

On Feb 14, 2011, at 12:03 PM, Michael J. Hußmann <michael at michael-hussmann.de> wrote:

> Assuming you would find someone at Apple who even knew what you were
> talking about, I guess the immediate reaction would be more like "What a
> bunch of fools! It's been more than a decade and they are still clinging
> to that obsolete piece of hardware?"
> - Michael
> Michael J. Hußmann

I trained at Cupertino for the Apple store. Many of the people I met were at Apple for a very long time. There was a room of equipment set up near our classrooms that had a sort of "one of everything" computers. The purpose was explained but escapes me. There were several Newtons, including prototype clear case emates. The foyer of one building near the employee auditorium had a museum of macs under glass including an Apple I. Long games of Unreal tournament with 30+ people in Apple computer lecture halls provided lots of conversation. I remember my overwhelming impression being the Apple campus was for all intents and purposes Starfleet Academy. 

You don't go to starfleet HQ and not find cadets who love to talk about warp coils and starship designs. It was heaven. Rest assured. They loved Newtons. 


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