[NTLK] OT I need some advice on buying a Mac

Michael 'Mickey' Sattler mickey at sattlers.org
Tue Feb 1 13:10:23 EST 2011

On Feb 1, 2011, at 09:58 , SteveC wrote:

> Usually upgrading memory in a laptop is a pain, and when RAM for a particular item becomes scarce the price goes through the room, beyond the actual "utility" of the item. So if you go laptop, you might want to verify how much RAM is in a thing and what the max is and see if you need to buy some immediately.

Completely out-of-date advice. Replacing laptop RAM is now a user-enabled feature, and will probably take you all of 15-20 minutes. Even the hard drive, once a PITA, takes only a few mins more. There are step-by-step online guides for each MBP model. 


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