[NTLK] Newton collection for sale

Richard Plume rplume at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 31 11:01:02 EST 2011

The time has come for me to sell my Newton stuff - and there is a lot of
it. I'm not really using it anymore (other than the occasional game of
Jig! or Solitaire). It's just sitting (one 2100) on my desk and for
everything that I've used the Newton for in the past, I'm currently
using a MobilePro 700 to greater advantage, so I figure I can use the
space as well as the money for something else.
Among the highlights are a Newton 2100 (my working unit), equipped with
a SER-001 and AA battery adapter, a like-new, in the box 2100, equipped
with a SER-001 and an AA battery adapter, two Newton 130's in the box,
two SER-001's and an EM300 memory upgrade (all made by PCBman). A new
keyboard in the box, extra keyboards, an extra 2000/2100 battery tray
(Apple service part), printer adapters, a 2000/2100 screen cover (Apple
service part), cases, lots of memory cards (including 2 x 32-meg cards,
several 16-meg cards, etc), dongles, power adapters, new in the package
2000/2100 pen and a Keyspan USB twin serial adapter. In addition there
is tons of original software (most still in the box). Also included is
some emphera like books, Newton Solutions Guides, original MessagePad
2000 brochures, Newton keychains and all six original issues of
Intelligent Newton Magazine.
I'd prefer to sell to someone in the Toronto/southern Ontario area
rather than ship (shipping would be very expensive, there's a lot of it
and it weighs a lot). At this point I'm not willing to break it up. I'm
figuring the total value (if broken up and put on eBay) would be over
$1000. I'm looking for around $800.
Is anyone interested? If so, please contact me off list.

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