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Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 25 12:18:27 EST 2011

Bravo! Well said!

To the original reviewer's comments I would say:
1) the screen resolution looks fine, and it works well for me--until a newer version with the retina display arrives, anyway ;) 
2) maybe a Bluetooth keyboard--which IMHO is just as good as a keyboard on any of Apple's various __Books--would ease some of that "virtual keyboard" angst (although I have composed this email with the virtual keyboard, most times I use the BT one for more than a few words).
3) I, for one, LIKE the "walled garden" approach of the App Store. I like knowing that the app I've downloaded (and/or purchased) will be free of malware and other garbage, and it will (for the most part) actually work when I receive it. By "work" I mean, function properly. I know that iOS 5 "broke" many apps (from the reviews I've read), which I would think is the general exception' not the rule. And, I differentiate "work" as "function properly", because many apps seem to based on a premise that is flawed from the start. Take, for example, "NFL Pro 2012", which I had downloaded for the iPad a few weeks ago. I've yet to actually play it for more than 15-30 minutes at a time--busy with the Holiday season and all, and it was advertised as a free app "for a limited time only"--but so far I've been put off by the method of which one upgrades the quality of game play. Either an individual can pick up "upgrade points" in the course of playing the game, which is pretty slow going, like--for those that can remember here in the US--collecting and redeeming S&H green stamps...or, just pay extra for the upgrades to be delivered "on demand", as you go. (As a Macworld reviewer noted, this is in sharp contrast to just spending the $$ up front for the competing game, Madden '12, and be done with it.)
So...the game *functions* fine...but its design leaves much to be desired.


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On Dec 24, 2011, at 9:14 PM, "Bob Carls Dudney" <kosmicdollop at saber.net> wrote:

> "The moment iPad pages appeared I pored over the specs and pics trying to
> see how it could help me. A couple of my fellow NewtonTalk addicts raved.
> I shook my fist at Steve Jobs once again for failing to even come close to
> Newton in so many ways.

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