[NTLK] Newton comment on LATimes (resend to add this)

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sat Dec 24 23:19:06 EST 2011

[sorry, using webmail, forgot subject]

Of the many reasons I love this list and my fellow Newton addicts, to my
mind we're exceptional in tolerating and even appreciating lots of diverse
views and even passionate differences at times.

Knowing I tend to be odd man out, some of you might appreciate this
comment I made referencing our dear PDA to an LATimes article on iPad

"The temperature of many of these comments is not surprising. Passions are
fodder to CorpoRape America.

"As a long-time Apple fan whose 15 y/o Newton is my primary professional
database (all sorts of data in tens of thousands of records), touch
computing is something I have experience with.--Yes, I often use my
fingernail on the Newton, even to write briefly, and never a keyboard. I
much prefer writing with Newt's incomparable HWR to any other data entry
method; it's also my journal. Since within hours of obtaining a Newton
I've hated keyboards and all varieties of e-rodents ever since.

"The moment iPad pages appeared I pored over the specs and pics trying to
see how it could help me. A couple of my fellow NewtonTalk addicts raved.
I shook my fist at Steve Jobs once again for failing to even come close to
Newton in so many ways.

"Since most of my ancient Newtons no longer operate, a (discontinued)
ModBook is in transit so I can install a Newton emulator to keep alive the
(comparatively) sublime elegance Apple aborted a decade-and-a-half ago.

"For some a so-called smartcar is fine, others need considerably more.

"And a few love moving retrograde at warp speed, especially when $Billions
are at stake.

"Thank you, Mr. Hiltzik, for speaking up.

"And rotten eggs to your publisher for labeling your article
entertainment. Although.. I suppose that's the best category for iPad."




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