[NTLK] A lot of Newton questions. Mail, PIM and more

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Fri Dec 23 23:17:52 EST 2011

Hi Vlad

For a list of most popular apps see:  


Regarding IMAP and SSL etc see:


Regarding storing notes in folders and sorting by category see:



Tony Kan
New Zealand

• What is the best calendar app for the Newton (managing appointments, etc.)?
• What is the best ToDo list app for the Newton?
• Any notepad-like app that will allow me to store notes in folders that, in turn, will be sorted by category? (I want to use my Newt as a replacement for my physics formulas notebook, and have them sorted by categories)
• An app that will allow me to use ICQ, AIM, Google talk. BTW, is ChatBuddy IRC client available for registration, is it free/abandonware now?
• Is it possible to use Gmail IMAP on the Newton? Any workarounds?
• How to set up wireless syncing to NCX? (Currently I have to use Escale, and I'm going to make it work on intel as well)
• A VNC server/client for the Newton would be useful too
• What is the best web browser for the Newton? The one that, preferably, can display images, install packages, display cyrillic characters (though I doubt it's possible at all).
• Is NewtDevEnv a good choice to start developing Newton apps (and does it have a graphical GUI designer like in NTK)?
• Some fun hacks for the Newton would be much appreciated too :)

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