[NTLK] A lot of Newton questions. Mail, PIM and more

Tony Morrow gizmo1482 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 17:53:34 EST 2011

On Dec 23, 2011, at 1:02 PM, Vladislav Korotnev wrote:

> Hello everyone  
> Recently I've got a MP2100 (thanks to Frank Gruendel) and I found out that it's actually more Internet-capable and portable than my eMate. But I think it can be more useful, so I want to ask you a few questions:
> • An app that will allow me to use ICQ, AIM, Google talk. BTW, is ChatBuddy IRC client available for registration, is it free/abandonware now?

A few years ago I used NewtonIM to instant message. It connects to a Jabber server that has transport plugins for other IM services (including GoogleTalk). I posted instructions earlier this year on how to get it running. <http://lookanotherblog.com/?p=279>

> • A VNC server/client for the Newton would be useful too

Steven Weyer wrote a VNC server/client a long time ago. It is a little too slow to control a computer, but works great if you are wanting to take screenshots of a Newton.

> • What is the best web browser for the Newton? The one that, preferably, can display images, install packages, display cyrillic characters (though I doubt it's possible at all).
I wouldn't say there is one Newton browser that is the best. I keep three on mine. NewtScape is probably the most advanced and will handle loading images and frames. The one issue I run into is loading XML websites. The browser doesn't know what to do. NetHopper combined with the patches Morgan linked to will allow to view most websites. Sometimes with a website will not load in Newtscape it will in NetHopper. One last thing to know about NetHopper is its patches can be finicky after reboots. It's best freeze the ZNHpatch.pkg and NHCharsets.pkg before you reboot your Newton and thaw them when needed. Finally there is Courier. It doesn't load pictures, text boxes, or any fancy formatting, but it is the fastest browser for the Newton.

-Tony Morrow

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