[NTLK] Very bare-bones note package to play with

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Tue Dec 6 23:29:33 EST 2011

Hi Warren

You're certainly a colorful writer!  I had a grin from ear to ear afterward.

Viewtest installed OK this time.  I get an editable box with lines.  No
action buttons or anything, I assume they are yet to come.  Hitting the
downward scroll button results in the error msg:  "This application doesn't
support scrolling."

But if you fill the page with text by pasting some random text, and then
start adding extra then it doesn't scroll by itself but the scroll buttons
seem to work..

On the scrolling arrow convention, I'd stick to NOS convention on that.  Its
too confusing and one of the nice thing about the Newton was all the
attention given to reduce unnecessary taps.

BTW did you know there is a style guide where UI conventions are documented?



Tony Kan

New Zealand

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Crash Test version 2 is up.


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