[NTLK] Very bare-bones note package to play with

Warren Ockrassa wockrassa at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 23:04:46 EST 2011

Crash Test version 2 is up.

I've improved scrolling. Shee. Once it was done I realized I'd done
the 'naturalistic' version - hitting the up arrow moves the view up,
and hitting down moves it down. That's not NOS standard. I wonder if
I'll keep it, or set it as a user option. Probably the latter, if I
can keep from cussing in general for five minutes.

I think I also got the bugs with rotate. It behaves properly on my 120
now, at least. It always worked in Einstein, even when the code was

Courageous souls may find the files here:


Feedback, as always, much appreciated. Hopefully it won't KO anyone's
Newton this time.

-- Warren Ockrassa | nightwares.com

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