[NTLK] Deep fry

Ann Reynolds Bergeron ann70821 at me.com
Mon Dec 5 14:27:57 EST 2011

Ah, but Nic, we don't batter the bird!  That makes a huge difference!

And I'll add that turkey frying is best left to men in certain geographic regions who already possess the needed equipment, know not to try to fry the turkey under the carport, know that the bird needs to be fully thawed and dry, and who congregate in large groups just prior to Thanksgiving to assemble multiple cookers and fry no fewer than a dozen turkeys!  I've yet to meet anyone who has had a turkey frying accident--at least, not around here.

I'd have to check, but I think I usually send 5 gallons of oil off with my bird.

Ann in Baton Rouge 

On Dec 4, 2011, at 3:35 AM, Nic Malone wrote:

> Hi Warren
> Speaking as a Englishman, it amazes me to hear you Americans deep fry whole turkeys! That puts Tony's observation of deep fried Mars bars in Scotland to shame.  By the way, you could also get deep fried pizza in some Scottish 'chippies', and they did have the highest rate of heart disease in the UK. I never tried either of those delicacies in my student days at Dundee, preferring to risk my health on whisky, cranachan, shortbread dumpling and Dundee cake (most of which seemed to be made in Yorkshire!?). You'd never guess I grew up in the NW of England where they had the highest rate of tooth decay, would you :-)
> Nic
> PS anyone else feeling peckish?
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