[NTLK] Einstein on Linux (was: write to Tim Cook)

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 13:02:11 EST 2011

> > On that note, how easy is it to share data from Einstein to a real newt
> > and back?  I assume not very.
> A bisc network connection can be established on Einstein for OS X. I did not have the time or machines to make that work on
> Linux or MSWindows. iOS should be easy to convince since it has a Unix framework just like OS X. I am currently debugging
> the Android implementation.

Matthias, as a Linux user (though not developer, I'm afraid), I would
love to have network support on the Linux Einstein port. Do you have
any idea how different it would be from the OSX implementation - given
the Posix roots of both systems? As for not having a Linux machine, I
would have thought that VirtualBox would be sufficient - it's free of
charge, as is the Linux distribution to run on it. There's also always
the option of dual-booting an OSX (or Windows) machine with Linux.

Of course the fact that it's free of charge doesn't help with the lack
of time...


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