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Larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Sun Dec 4 22:44:45 EST 2011

Actually deep fried Turkey is pretty darn good, not anywhere as oily as you would think. Last summer we were in a campground and one of the guys next to us had a big tub of oil going (propane burner under it. Only time it was scary was actually getting the bird in. I thought the guy was a bit wasted anyways and her was wearing only shorts and he got splattered pretty good. Once it was cooked he brought our group over a big plate. Everyone thought it was great.

We prefer to slow cook most meat. We have a smoker and it gets a lot of use through the year. Most turkeys and chickens we will brine overnight and they are in the slow cooker for around 4 hrs. Brining the birds really keeps the meat from drying out. Pork ribs or beef are all marinated and when it is done the meat almost falls off the bone.

We talked about trying the Turducken and probably would have done it if we had a larger group but this year thanksgiving was pretty quiet with only 8. Maybe Christmas we will try it, will see. There was a pretty good writeup in the paper and there is a family here in town that put them together, ie they do all the deboning etc so it is ready to be cooked or they will cook it for you if you want. I gather they were kept pretty busy the last couple years.... lots of demand with larger groups.
On 2011-12-04, at 12:59 PM, Warren Ockrassa wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 9:44 AM, Dennis Swaney <romad at aol.com> wrote:
>> Nic, ever hear of Turducken?
> Exactly what I was thinking.
> Nic - Deep-frying a turkey takes about 3 times more oil than you'd
> think at first, and you need to have a container nearby large enough
> to hold the turkey, in case something goes wrong.
> You have to keep the oil hot enough to cook the bird after the skin
> has developed that nice flash-fried crust, or it comes out oily.
> The oily bird gets the urn.

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