[NTLK] write to Tim Cook

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Dec 3 13:52:50 EST 2011

On 12/3/2011 12:34 PM, Grant Hutchinson wrote:
> On 2011-12-02, at 7:56 AM, Nic Malone wrote:
>> Apple made OS 7 available from their website for use without a licence a few years ago. So why not Newton OS?
> Perhaps one of the reasons is that Newton OS was never an "installable" OS like System 6/7 or Mac OS.
> g.

I agree that is most likely.  It was designed for different hardware.
Although with Einstein, it is possible to run NOS on many platforms.
And I keep meaning to grab a windows version and give it a spin. ;)

On that note, how easy is it to share data from Einstein to a real newt
and back?  I assume not very.


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