[NTLK] Notepad that isn't for NOS

Warren Ockrassa wockrassa at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 10:21:06 EST 2011

On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 12:14 AM, Reilly001os at aol.com
<Reilly001os at aol.com> wrote:
> Doesn't look like anyone has chimed in so I'll
> try to feild a few questions for you Warren.


> I'm away from my newt so I'll have to get the
> exact package names later but there are two
> packages that let you go over 8k in notes,

I found one, BigNote from Stand Alone - AFAIK it's payware after
thirty days. Being the el cheapo that I am, and given the fact that I
have absolutely zero options for tech support or upgrades, I'm not
sure I want to go the payware route. So if there's a freebie version,
I'd be glad to know what it is.

> another that
> I know of that adds a scroll bar to the right
> side

Now that's interesting.

> and some stationary is available on unna
> plus the stationary construction kit to make
> what you can't find.

I bumped into Backdrop Builder last night while I was trawling UNNA.
That's not the same as a stationery builder, but it's intriguing. I
haven't had much chance to hack around with it, though. I was playing
with DyneTK and the NewtOS programming resources.

I found a blank stationery, and that's fine for now - another Stand
Alone package will apparently gauge your stationery lines to match the
leading on your chosen typeface and pont size, but of course it's also

Finding those packages, though, suggests to me that what I have in
mind is all doable. If it comes down to brass tacks I suppose I could
just write the dadblang things myself, assuming I can get up to speed
with NS. The documentation is all there, after all. It's just a
question of finding the esoterica.

> The scroller and big notes pkgs
> are free and as well as some of the stationary
> but I think the construction kit and some of
> the larger stationary collections are paid still.
> I'll look up the pkg names on my newt later,
>  the stationary stuff is on unna.

I appreciate your input! Thanks very much!

-- Warren Ockrassa | nightwares.com

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