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Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 2 15:04:36 EST 2011

Well, I'm not really sure what would be gained by sending that first suggested email to Tim Cook and Apple...but based on the concept and right of free speech, I acknowledge the sentiment, even as I might not agree.

Based on what Morgan and Andrei (among others) have expressed--while there might be no harm in asking, we likely might not get the answer we want. I believe we are better off continuing with the Einstein project.

Ask yourself: what about your Newton do you love/enjoy/appreciate the most? I have to think, for most of us it as to be the OS. The form factor is--let's face it--outdated. There should be a color hi-Rez display, with perhaps a "Classic" option to change to the screen we're all used to...the PCMCIA card slots are 1990s technology--perhaps USB, FireWire and/or media card slots (which themselves are getting long in the tooth)...there's no native Bluetooth, WiFi, 3- or 4G...video and sound capability were not considered as important in the early 90s as now, those would need upgrading...and, lastly (to keep this list rather short), there needs to be much more storage capacity.

But it all comes back to the Newton OS. So, if we could have Einstein on a more modern machine (whoever makes it or whatever the native OS is), isn't that what we really want? Perhaps coding could be done to access those features I've mentioned from Einstein (I realize that's likely difficult without at least some source code)...or, maybe Einstein becomes an app, that you could use concurrent with these other features, already existing on the device.

Just a voice, added to others.


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On Dec 2, 2011, at 7:20 AM, Lord Groundhog <LordGroundhog at gmail.com> wrote:

> IMO a better e-mail to Tim Cook would ask Apple to release key patents and
> so on to us.  I suspect we have folks here who would know *exactly* what to
> do with them.  ;-)

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