[NTLK] Notepad that isn't for NOS

Warren Ockrassa wockrassa at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:26:35 EST 2011

The thing that has always interested me the most about Newton is the HWR. The thing that exasperated me the most was the implementation in the notepad. An 8K limit is bad enough. That the device isn't smart enough to auto scroll when the page fills is worse. 

What I'm wondering is if there is a notepad style package for Newton already. Something that is smart enough to know when I'm filling a page and adjust itself accordingly with a scroll. Something that might even have a scroll bar. Something that works with lefties and righties. And that doesn't cut me off at 8K. 

If there is no such package, I'm wondering if anyone has had enough experience with NewtonScript to tell me if it's a feasible program to write - because if it's within the capabilities of NS, I might just see whether I can tackle it via DyneTK. 

What I've got in mind is something like a Moleskine. It lets you interact much as you would with the default notepad, though probably with more customizable backgrounds (grids as well as lines, and of course blank), some gesture toward making the line rules match the leading on the type size, and as mentioned the brains to scroll up and make room when the writing is filling the page. I'm thinking about half to two-thirds full will trigger the scroll, if it's designed correctly. 

What I'd wanted most from my Newton lo those many years ago was the ability to capture my handwriting and turn it into text, because that was how I was most comfortable in writing. Keyboards felt like an encumbrance. I found the Newton's HWR to be no better. 

However, the more I mess with my 120, the more I think that the MP model I had in the 90s was probably a 110. I remember most of all the tactile experience - it felt rubbery. I know the 110s had a rubbery surface, and the 120s did not. 

I also remember that the HWR biffed quite badly with my handwriting, which is most usually block letters. It wasn't until NOS 2 that printed HWR was added to the cursive. My 120 handles my block printing well, far better than my first Newt did all that time back. 

So I've found a good application for the device, but I don't know if there's software suited to my ideas - and, if not, just how plausible it is to get NS to do it. 

I've retrieved the Apple docs on NS. (NS reference, programmer guide, etc.) If there are digital versions of other books or documentation for NS programming, and/or examples, I'd love a link. 

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