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Dennis B. Swaney romad at aol.com
Sat Feb 27 11:36:57 EST 2010

Berthe M. Willumsen wrote:
> I'd say that translation is right on - I didn't mean to say the same in English.
> I guess the structure of Danish is much closer to that of English than to German.
> Why it was so much harder with German in school.....

Perhaps this is the reason.

Way back after the Romans left Britain, it was invaded and occupied by 3 
Germanic tribes: the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes. Their 
languages/dialects became the dominant language of "Angleland" 
especially in the early kingdoms of the East, South and West Saxons 
(Essex, Sussex, Wessex). Later, of course, the French descendants of the 
Scandinavian Vikings, a.k.a. "Northmen" left their part of France, 
Normandy, and conquered England, adding their French dialect to the 
language pot.

But how does this relate to Danish & English? Well, remember the third 
Germanic tribe, the Jutes? They came from a placed known as "Jute-land", 
or Jutland today. So the Germanic language Danish is descended from the 
Jutes just as is the basis for the Germanic language English.

 From a speaker of an American dialect of English.

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