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~~~ On 2010/02/26 21:50, Berthe M. Willumsen at bmw at bio.ku.dk wrote ~~~

> Ligegyldig hvad - enthusiasme eller hvad - det er bare ikke høfligt at
> kommunikere på en måde ikke alle forstår. Overhovedet ikke.
> German newt or not - you have to speak a language people understand.
> Anything else is plain rude.
> Berthe

Berthe, sorry to butt into this, but I find it a totally fascinating thing.
First of all, I agree with the principle that we need to be talking to one
another in a common language of some kind.  Otherwise, what's the point?   I
even agree that under the present circumstances it needs to be English or at
least, whatever is said needs to be accompanied with an English translation.
Here comes the "But..."

Of course I'm not the only one who's been thinking about this.  We have
these cool sites like Babel Fish and Frengly.com that translate text for us.
But I've been experimenting with them and there's something I noticed:
there are some languages they're not all that good with, like German.  For
example, I ran Michael's text through Frengly and Babel Fish, and got
interesting (and funny) results.

>From Babel Fish: 
> evenly only on Newton talc read. Mine over eBay more arisen eMate held not for
> a long time, despite specially bought AC adapter. Are not also (still) so in
> the technology inside, around to understand which be broken could. Long
> speech, short sense: Are interested, if the price is ok. If the battery
> VOL-come over there is, I procure also a replacement.

>From Frengly: 
> only just read on newton talk. My eBay eMate has risen from about quite
> quickly, despite the extra purchased AC adapter. 'm Also (still) not so
> inside, in the art, to understand what might be broken. Long story short: I'm
> interested if the price is ok. Completely restructured if the battery is over,
> I'll get a substitute.

Well, those are clear, aren't they?  :-o  It gives me great sympathy for
people like UN interpreters.   And look at Tim Kaluza's earlier message;
what happens to it in "translation" is pretty neat:

Babel Fish gives us:
> I have here a eMate300 that really nearly look as new. I would sell it with AC
> adapter and TDK global pro ISDN modem Card. The small seems to be full
> function efficient! Only the battery is death. But according to desire I could
> clean-do also new cell. Even down the name map is unused. To the AC adapter I
> simply two cables penetrate-wedged and clean-put into the plug socket - runs.
> One can buy also a mechanical adapter. The equipment is appropriate for our
> mains voltage. What thinks their would be a fair price and would like it
> someone?

 while Frengly prefers:
> I've got a eMate300 the really almost like new. I would sell it with AC
> adapter and TDK Global Pro ISDN modem card. The little seems to be
> vollfunktiontüchtig! Only the battery is dead. But I could also wish to
> reintun new cell. Unused card is even below the names. For AC adapter I just
> got a two drangeklemmt and reingesteckt cable into the socket - running. You
> can even buy a mechanical adapter. The device is designed for our mains. What
> do you think would be a fair price and would like someone?

Now isn't all that cool?  Or is enjoying this kind of thing just mean I need
a psychoanalyst?  ;-)

As I say, I agree that we need to use a common language, or at least be able
to have good translations.  But if I may say so, the tools for translation
aren't there yet.  

In case you're curious, Babel Fish didn't have a mode for translating your
Danish but Frengly thinks you said:
> No matter what - enthusiasm or what - it's just not polite to communicate in a
> way not everyone understands. Absolutely not.

Close enough, but not precisely how you put it into English.

Just my [OT] 2 cents plus taxes.


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