[NTLK] MP2000 Screen

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Fri Feb 26 12:06:45 EST 2010

>Overall my goal is mainly to be able to install software on the Newt.  Not
>really planning on syncing much too it, perhaps if I could do some RSS
>newsfeeds or something - that would be kind of nice!  Eventually I may add
>wifi or bluetooth to it if I get the time and ambition to get that done as
>well.  Baby steps right?!


Should you change your mind, I know of three sync applications that will work with your MP...NewtSync, Newton Connection Utilities and NCX. Of these, NCU only works with OS 9/Classic, NewtSync works with OS X--but won't sync the Dates category, only Names. It says that my version of iCal is older and must be upgraded to the newest version--but I'm already running 10.5. (I'd like to try my old Beige G3 that has Panther--10.3--on it and see if I get the same message.)

NCX is the best choice...but it won't sync anything--just install packages, import, export, back up and restore. Its creator Simon Bell has said that he's too busy and that there's a lot of work involved in finishing NCX to make the Sync feature functional (the button is there but it's permanently dimmed out)...he doesn't see spending any more time on it.

(BTW, in addition to NCX he's also created SimpleMail and MailV...I can't get SimpleMail to play properly with my EarthLink email, but MailV works great. If you like and use any of these why not say "thank you!' by sending him a small donation? Even if you don't like them...! ;) ) 


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