[NTLK] Pinehill Softworks Formula Generator

Matej Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 17:38:57 EST 2010

> Hi everyone! I'm looking to get a registration key, or certified copy of
> this software. The company appears to be out of business, and I really need
> the functionality of this software on my Newton. Can anyone help, or point
> me in the right direction? Thanks!
> MP120/Newt 1.3

I can't give you any clues, but I'm kind of surprised I'm not the only 1.3 user here. I have a MP120 too.

Yeah, FormulaGen is a great app, but kind of weird considering how it looks in the Extras app and it's inconvenient having to restart each time you remove a formula. You have three alternatives:

A: NS BASIC. Even the demo version will do, and it's still being sold (but I'm not sure whether they still sell the 1.x-compatible version).
B: NewtonScript. You can easily write yourself an equivalent app. You can also program in NewtonScript on your Newton (NewtDevEnv by Steve Weyer) and many members of NTLK have experience with it.
C: A spreadsheet application. The only ones I know for OS 1.x are Equate (which I have - pretty good but slow and rare to find), AvailWorks (versions 2.x and earlier. Search for the thread "Looking for a Newton text editor"), and Napkin Calc by Macapa (which appears to be still sold?).

Hope that helps. If you have trouble locating any of those packages, or need any more help (I know a lot about OS 1.x Newtons), you can also contact me off-list.

-Matej Horvat


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