[NTLK] Considering this as a 2100 Bag

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 17:26:18 EST 2010


--- On Wed, 2/17/10, Tony Kan <tonykan at xtra.co.nz> wrote:

> Didn't Landware sell one once?  Is there anyone on the
> list who has bought a holster of any sort and can give us some feedback?

The only LandWare holster I'm familiar with is the (in)famous BurroPak.  The OP didn't mention if they'd planned on dragging around Newton accessories in addition to the device itself, so I'm going to take it as read that they are (in which case, the BP won't work).

I think the suitability of the bag the OP linked to depends on how they treat their bags.  If they're used to treating their bags in a fairly genteel manner, (i.e. moving their Newton from their home-to-car-to-office) that bag might work.  I say this because it has "fashion accessory" rather than "serious bag" written all over it (hardly surprising at the <$30 price point).

However, if their bag is typically subjected to anything other than the lightest use, I'd steer clear of that one.  If you'll pardon my saying so, the stamped aluminum buckle shown in the photo gallery for the bag just screams "cheap" to me, ditto with the velcro/elastic fastener for securing the compartment (a serious bag has snap fasteners that cost more, but do not wear out like Velcro does).

I've seen a couple of list members mention they use Eagle Creek bags.  If the OP's needs a durable bag that can hit a hit or two, they may want to post a "WTB" on the list for an Eagle Creek bag suitable for a Newton and X accessories.  I tend to go with Eagle Creek gear myself, seeing as how it's specifically meant for use by travellers who don't want to fret over whether their gear is going to last out the trip or not.

The catch is that new Eagle Creek gear typically has a price tag to match their typically high quality.  However, a WTB post may reach a list member who has such a bag, doesn't use it anymore, and who may want to free up some closet space. :)

If the above won't work, and Ed Kummel's suggestion doesn't work either, the OP might try taking a trip to their local surplus store and seeing if there is anything on offer there that will work for them. [shrugs]


James Fraser

PS: has the OP considered a Newt Boot?  


They're certainly hard to beat for the price, and the build quality looks fairly decent, too (though someone who actually owns one may want to share their experience).

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