[NTLK] Help with eMate (been away a while, and...)

Wright, Chris Chris.Wright at harpercollins.co.uk
Wed Feb 10 08:51:10 EST 2010

I had an eMate a while back but sold it because I needed a combination
of money and space (while I kept my OMP and 130). I've just recently
acquired one again and am busy ticking off the things needed to be done
with a 13 year-old bit of kit.

- screen hinge checked and made safe
- battery seems to hold a few hours charge so urgent rebuild not yet
- new firmware (73J186) installed to sort out Y2010 problem
- ATA Support installed plus old 320MB card
- connected to internet with Megahertz 386ET

I have one problem, which is that it intermittently drops power.
Occasionally when hitting a keyboard button, but also sometimes when
inserting/ejecting a card and also when waking from sleep: I get a soft
reset each time (date is reset), sometimes with a pen alignment screen.
I've read PDA-Soft's page on the similar 130 problem and wondered if
it's the same thing? It came to me having had a hard reset, so I presume
the software is nothing to do with it. It may of course be the battery,
but it seems to sit there quite happily switched on - it's been on my
desk, switched on (Sleep is set to 'Never') and downloading via NCU for
the last three hours and the battery monitor is at 43%

Another question - does anyone have a combination of email and browser
software with a small memory footprint that works okay? It needs to be
installed on the internal memory so I can use the LAN card.

Many thanks
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