[NTLK] Newton Speed Boost

James Wages james at kiramek.com
Wed Feb 10 02:47:37 EST 2010

Knowledge Navigator wrote this offlist on Feb. 7, 2010:
> ... i do this work and its warrantied.
> please check out
> www.newtonsales.com

Although I received the above communication off-list, I am posting it
on-list because I would like to know who among us has purchased this Newton
2100 speed boost in the past from this seller?  What are your experiences
with this particular speed-boost product?

On the surface it appears to be priced within reason.  The boost also
appears to be switchable, which is something I definitely would want.  But
again, I would appreciate hearing the experiences of others before
committing myself to anything.

Many thanks,

James Wages

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